Anti-flooding bag
without sand

You can forget the shovels.

The anti-flooding bag without sand.

STORMBAG® is lightweight, compact and easy to transport, making it a practical alternative to traditional sandbags.

STORMBAG® weighs just 500 grams when dry and swells to over 15 kilos when rehydrated!

Protect your home effortlessly with STORMBAG®.



STORMBAG® can absorb 15 liters of water in 4 to 5 minutes.


✔️ Approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
✔️Approuvé by FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency)
✔️Testé by Salt Lake City Bomb Squad and National Guard
✔️Fabriqué in the United States
✔️Non toxic

STORMBAG® will dry after about two weeks in warm, dry conditions. If exposed to water, it will retain its maximum size indefinitely. Once dehydrated, the bag can be stored and reused.

STORMBAG® weighs around 500g dry and fully hydrated it weighs around 15 kilos. Each bag will absorb around 15 liters of water.

STORMBAG® absorbs around 15 liters of water in 3 to 5 minutes once submerged. This may take longer, depending on how it is hydrated.

The contents of STORMBAG® are non-toxic. STORMBAG® is made from biodegradable jute and linen. You can place a few of these around your plants, trees or bushes in drought conditions to keep your plants hydrated for weeks!

No, STORMBAG® is not designed for hydration in salt water. However, it will be effective at retaining salt water after being hydrated in fresh water.

STORMBAG® is non-toxic, which means it can be disposed of in landfill, but it would be a shame to throw it away as STORMBAG® will dry out in a few weeks in warm/dry conditions. It can then be stored for reuse.

And why not use it in dry weather, to hydrate your plants, bushes or trees for weeks on end.



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